• Rent / installation/ sale of construction and interior finishing scaffolding

      We offer the rent, installation and sales of ALFIX 100 aluminium scaffolding.
      ALFIX 100 is a high-quality modular frame-scaffolding produced in Germany.
      We also provide transportation for the scaffolding.

  • Professional training for the installation of scaffolding and tents

      You need to be trained to use scaffolding. Our courses give all the necessary
      skills for the safe use of scaffolding.

  • Designing

      Every scaffolding solution is designed based on the conditions at the specific
      location and according to safety requirements.

  • Special orders

      We guarantee a quick and optimal solution for every project.

  • Rent / installation / sale of boundary fences

      We rent, install and sell boundary fences for construction sites and other
      events. The measurements of a module are: 1 m x 3.5 m, 2 m x 3.5 m.

  • Transport services with a crane lorry

      We offer professionally organised transport services with a crane lorry.